About Us

Your Boardroom creates and delivers purpose-driven solutions specifically for your business. Whether yours is a start-up or an established company in distress. Whether your business needs to make changes, expand or operate more efficiently and effectively. Think of us as Your Boardroom.

We’re uniquely geared to help your business through our own substantial, specialist experience, and through our collaboration with our strategic partners. We bring together:

  • industry-relevant intellectual capital
  • experienced leaders
  • knowledge-driven stakeholders who are experts in their fields.

With this collective wisdom, we address your most important challenges by designing bespoke business solutions – appropriate to your unique business needs. Solutions based on experience, rather than theory. Solutions with integrity.

Don’t go hiring – call in the pros.

As a business owner, you need access to specialist skills relevant to the various pillars of your business. Our team of seasoned specialists has over 90 years of combined experience in the private and public sectors.

Your Boardroom cost-effectively delivers all the support your business needs, without the unnecessary heavy overheads and infrastructural expenses.

Our approach is you-centric.

We’re here to empower your business to reach its full potential. For us, listening and understanding the uniqueness of your business is 80% of the solution. Coming from that understanding, every service we offer contributes to your organisation’s success. Enabling you to make sustained profits while growing and evolving within your economic sector.

Get back to your core business.

There’s a lot on your plate – from the need for diversity to increasing administration and red tape, to adapting to the information age, the generation gap or government bureaucracy. Your Boardroom relieves often overwhelming administrative headaches, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best – your core business.

Convert ideas into action. Potential into reality.

Whether you want to implement an idea, build capability and capacity, or maximise opportunities in your business, Your Boardroom is where ideas become action and improvement keeps happening.


You will be pleased to note that our price modelling is flexible and customised to meet your budget.
Working from hourly rates through to our subscribed and/or retainer services, Your Boardroom aims to offer the most affordable pricing model for your required specialist services.
We would also consider equity stakes in lieu of payment for specifically suitable and mutually agreed interventions.

Join us to revolutionise your business. Together.


How can we help? Your Boardroom partners with you to:

  • Establish business processes, milestones and deliverable, outcomes based solutions.
  • Bring together the right partners to better understand your stakeholders and your competitive environment.
  • Help you research and understand your market, business focus and operational needs.
  • Plot your course and focus on performance-driven, outcomes based solutions.
  • Enhance your brand, service offering and business model and monitor and evaluate your business’s success.
  • Transform or re-position your business as you deal with rapidly changing environments and business conditions.

Business Strategy & Operations

No matter your sector, for your business to gain a sustainable competitive advantage, business strategies, planning and operational excellence are vital. That’s where we step in: Working closely with you, we do everything from developing strategies to optimising operational performance.

With you, we drive change in key areas of your business.

We can unlock value and optimise growth opportunities at every level of your organisation.

People Strategy & Management

As a modern business, you must integrate diversity at all levels and elevate your most important asset – your people.

See your people with fresh eyes. Create an empowering culture.
Our empathy-driven approach helps your leaders and teams build an organisational culture that’s empowering: Allowing your people to apply new learnings to their roles, develop further in their careers – and do more.
Your Boardroom brings you access to our experts and the industry specialists we partner with, to create people-solutions that:

  • Build performance-driven capacity
  • Manage talent
  • Develop leaders
  • Develop skills and upskill/re-skill where appropriate.

Through our strong partnerships, we drive continuous improvement in your business.

We do this by motivating effectively and managing your talent. Helping you redefine your business’s approach to management and operations.

Digital and IT Support

There’s never been a bigger need for companies to adapt and transform digitally. The way we see it at Your Boardroom, doing this well means combining human insight with technological capabilities.

Stay current.

Your Boardroom brings your business access to our expertise and that of our trusted partners. We can help you in:

  • Planning and adapting your digital strategy
  • Building your business’s capacity to adjust to rapid technological change
  • Driving breakthrough innovations in your business.

Your company needs a cost-effective information technology system to meet the demands of your business.

Keep your IT system running.

With our strategic partners, Your Boardroom co-navigates this space with you, making sure you have the best of technology and optimal capacity to keep things running smoothly. To help you meet the changing demands of the physical IT and cloud environments, we can bring you:

  • Key support
  • Appropriate hardware or software tools and/or development.

Organisational Development, Finance, Human Resources and Project Management

If you’re interested in achieving stronger organisational performance and safeguarding your employees’ wellbeing, you must redefine your organisation. At Your Boardroom, we join forces with you and your stakeholders to do just that.

Achieve your best results yet. Reimagine your work, workforce and workplace.
We use proven, experience-based processes to help you achieve your best results. We do this by bringing you 24/7 online support, where you’ll find one of our specialist support directors on call.
We focus on the functionality and deliverables necessary for you to achieve your desired strategic and operational outcome. The services and support we bring include:

  • Finance and Administration
  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Human Resources

We strongly believe in empowering your business and workforce.

Putting the power of meaningful improvement, adaptation and transformation directly into your hands and your workforce. That’s what drives growth.
Regardless of the sector you’re in, your style of work, and the details of your project, your project manager must follow project management principles.

We guide you to find the right solution to deliver your project.

There are many project management methodologies out there – from Agile to Prince 2, SCRUM, Waterfall, Kanban, Lean and Six Sigma to PMBOK (PMI). Knowing which one to pick can be overwhelming.

We believe that these methodologies share the same basic project
management principles. No matter the approach you choose,
Your Boardroom can support you in:

  • Aligning everyone involved – If all your people are working towards the same project-related goals, objectives and outcomes, half the battle is won.
  • Making sure your project team has the appropriate project management skills and experience.

A quality project. On time. In budget. Within resource constraints.

To deliver a great project, we maintain regular communication via phone calls, online meetings and email, and by building capacity as and when needed. Our broad experience and expertise equip us to partner with you to optimally manage your project timelines, scope, and budgets. We’re with you, every step of the way.

Legal, Governance and Compliance

Your Boardroom creates professional, practical, and proven solutions in the legal, governance and compliance spheres. We do this from our expertise, and through partnerships within our network of specialists.

Legal input you can rely on.

We bring your business experienced attorneys that support business-driven solutions in areas of:

  • Compliance
  • Documentation
  • Records & knowledge management
  • Contracts management
  • Accreditations
  • Service-level agreements
  • Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), latest updates, regulatory frameworks and international best practice in a South African context
  • Commercial Law including contracting, labour relations/law and general commercial law
  • BEE and BBBEE legislation, regulations and compliance issues
  • Commercial litigation – navigating you through by the shortest, most cost effective route.

Your Board Execs

Quinton Williams (MA, MBA)

Specialist in Strategy, Operations Management and Business Support

Quinton has a Masters in Research Psychology, an MBA (Rhodes University) and also practises as a registered Counselling Psychologist.Quinton has over 30 years’ experience in private practice across multiple complex industries in the public and private sectors.

“I’m passionate about developing customer intimacy and leading with empathy to develop sustainable, people-centric solutions to customer and industry challenges. Having worked with large complex clients such as Kromberg and Schubert, Xerox, ESKOM, Mercedes Benz and various government and public Departments, I understand the complexity of doing business in South Africa.”

In ever-changing and diverse conditions, Quinton is fully equipped, experienced, and determined to use his experience to help your business reach its full potential and profitability. Quinton can help your business with his skills in:
• Psychometric assessments and selection
• Career counselling
• Mentoring and coaching
• EQ training and development
• Anxiety and depression support
• Motivation
• Market research
• Organisational design research and analysis
• Bespoke research for your needs
• Project Management
• Compliance
• Human Resources and performance management
• Business analysis, change management (right sizing, organisational re-engineering)
• Strategic planning
• Performance improvement
• Skills training

Shane Fenthum (B.com)

Specialist in Financial Management, Legal, Governance & Compliance Support

CFO and Compliance Officer Shane Fenthum has almost 30 years’ experience as a board member with a deep understanding of Business Operational Finance and Financial Management.

Shane has extensive experience in dealing with International networks In the United States, United Kingdom, France and Spain. Closer to home he has worked extensively in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Mauritius and Zambia.

“I’m transparent and approachable. As a professional consultant to various small and medium-sized businesses, I believe your business should be at the forefront of development and innovation – and I can help you get there.”

With specific expertise in HR, BEE structures, mergers, acquisitions and business integration, Shane has proven knowledge and tools to help drive your business to success. Among other things, for your business, Shane can:
• Look at your business structure and flow of operations (ratio analysis)
• Review your income statements and weed out unnecessary expenses
• Analyse staff and workflow
• Analyse cash flow
• Advise on tax and VAT
• Advise on the best accounting package and bookkeeping services for your needs
• Make payroll recommendations
• Help with financial statements (keeping audit fees low and ensuring the accuracy of statements)
• Provide overall business analysis
• Advise on potential acquisitions
• Look for potential integration opportunities with various software packages
• Help with overall strategic business direction.

Donald Hjul

Specialist in Organisational Design & Development, HR Support and Capacity Building

An accomplished Business Development Consultant and Management Professional, Donald Hjul has over 35 years’ professional experience across multiple industries and business sectors – public and private.

He spent 17 years at Siemens on major infrastructural projects, managing the commercial and financial functions of several divisions, ending his time there as Regional MD Eastern Cape for all eight Siemens business units.

He has completed several Management Programmes up to and including Executive Management at the UNISA Graduate School of Business.

“As a professional and ethical business consultant, I’m passionate about transforming the way broad economic stakeholders think in both the public and private sectors. I have vast professional experience under my belt, including numerous business development and project management interventions across Southern African (SADC) countries.”

Donald is well-known for his ability to meet, achieve and exceed expectations and objectives across the
private, public and NGO sectors. He can help your business with his skills in:
• Interpreting your strategy into organisational design and functional implementation
• Organisational support
• HR support
• Project Management
• Performance management
• Facilitating specialist and customised workshops, training, and various interventions in a down to earth, practical way
• Getting your business back to the CORE focus of your business model.


Skills Portal - Courses and Partners

You Boardroom and our partners bring your business courses and programmes to keep your business and your employees growing:

  • SETA accredited certificate programmes and short learning courses with our strategic partners
  • Non-SETA courses and workshops
    • Strategic and Operations Planning and Management
    • Attitude, Motivation and Effectiveness
    • Project Management and Managing Projects
    • Performance Management and Managing Performance, Group Dynamics
    • Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers
    • Organisational culture and team development interventions
    • Managing Behaviour
    • Diversity Management and BEE Strategies & Compliance
  • Policy Development and Records/Knowledge Management

Subscribe to Support Services

Your business can subscribe to receive support services and/or get access to our resources, depending on your needs for:

  • Coaching and mentoring service level agreements (SLAs) for:
  • Individuals
  • Teams/groups
  • Collaborations
  • Strategic, Financial & Organisational support
  • Access to our knowledge library and FAQs
  • Research support for Business Owners and Business Managers
  • Business Management guidelines
  • Monthly packages and SLAs based on dedicated service offerings
  • Meeting and Boardroom forums (dedicated time slots per package)
  • (RFP/RFQ) Support – Tendering (public and private sector) and professional quotations preparations.

Chat to us about your needs and we can create an affordable ongoing or once-off support package for your business.

Virtual Boardroom:

At Your Boardroom, we’re “people centric”, so when we can’t meet you in person, we do the next best thing.

Virtual Boardroom is our secure online portal through which you can collaborate with our professional consultants and stakeholders. With this fully managed, easy to use, interactive teleconferencing virtual space, we’re able to keep you at the centre as we coach and help you through your challenges and issues to create winning solutions.

TogetherYou’re invited to talk with us!



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