According to Capello and Shaughnessy (The Leading Edge: 2020), here are a few tips to help make your virtual meetings a success


  • Make it clear and concise.
  • Build in time and accountability per topic.
  • Send prereading materials and indicate related expectations.

Participant’s role

  • Be on time.
  • Familiarize yourself with video conferencing tools prior to the meeting.
  • Stay engaged, and positive.
  • Ensure you can be seen clearly.
  • Speak clearly, concisely and a little slower — no time for rambling.
  • Be prepared (review prereading material and action items).
  • Use humor.
  • Listen actively.

Leader’s role

  • Respect meeting start time and duration.
  • State expectations.
  • Assign a coordinator to collect, summarize, and communicate agreements.
  • Ensure that all participate.
  • Be aware of unconscious bias.
  • Know the videoconferencing tools.
  • Share your screen when appropriate.
  • Invite others to share.
  • Pay attention to “raised hands.”
  • Summarize the meeting and review actions