Active Citizenry and Business – What does it mean??

KABOOM !!!!!

In many of my training and facilitation interventions over the past 20 years and more, I often quote 2 journalist anchors from the old days on SAFM who broadcasted a show called “PM Live”.

Well known spokespersons, journalists, and TV/Radio presenters – Ike Phaahla and Jeremy Maggs who presented this show, usually started the show with the following phrase :

(which has resonated with me for many years and is the very nature of the NEWS cycle, I suppose)

“Since you woke up this morning, the World has changed”

However, in today’s world – especially in 2020/2021 – isn’t that the REALITY????

  • Climate Change
  • Unprecedented Pandemics
  • Technological Innovations and Social Media access
  • International political transformations and uncertainty

And here back in South Africa……………………….

KABOOM !!!!!

A Local Government Political Landscape which has been turned on its head in a matter of a few days!!!!

The “Rockface” of Service Delivery to Communities AND Business survival.

So…..what do we – as business; do about this?

While some business owners and employees are active in their communities, volunteering for and sponsoring local events, assisting schools and fundraising, for example, others tend to let customers find them.

However, being an active citizen in your community can help your business in many ways.

Community citizenship is also beneficial to the community as a whole, so it benefits you as a company, business owner and the very people who may eventually become your customers.

If your business strategy, operations, and key resourcing of your needs; are not from (and active in) the community, here are some reasons to consider Active Citizenry.

  • Businesses that engage in the community may have a better brand image than those that are not.
  • Many customers consider a company’s social and socio-economic reputation when determining whether to patronize the business.
  • By giving back to the community, your business is not only helping customers in a direct way, but it is also building a social reputation and you become part of the nation-building solution.
  • People tend to respect businesses that are willing to pitch in and help the community, and they may be more likely to become customers or refer these companies to others.
  • Being Involved Can Boost Company Morale
  • Community Citizenship Provides Networking Opportunities
  • Your Business Becomes More “Local”
  • It Can Attract the Best Employees

If your company is socially responsible and includes employees in the community service process, it may be able to recruit more talented employees. Making it easy (but not mandatory) for employees to be involved in community service helps them find their own internal motivation for volunteering, and can help make their work experience more positive. This characteristic is a draw for many talented employees.

The benefits of community citizenship are many for individuals and businesses alike. Along with the chance to help members of your community, you also improve your reputation, boost employee morale, and potentially attract new customers.

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