Are you in touch with your staff?

The workplace has undergone enormous changes over the last two years.

People have been forced to work remotely, there have been cuts in salaries and jobs, job security is non-existent and career planning seems like a distant memory for many.

In the past we were taught that if we worked hard and diligently at our jobs we would progress through the ranks, get regular increases and eventually retire with a sustainable pension after having had a financially and stimulating career.

COVID as well as corporate speed and greed has all but put paid to these ideals. Loyalty is no longer a safeguard against redundancy, re-modelling and bottom line. Corporates have had to become more ruthless to stay afloat. Stakeholders don’t care about the personal costs and consequences of the actions required to achieve the goals set.

However, in most cases your people are your most valuable asset. They are the fuel that powers the engine. Yet have we as managers stayed in touch with what it is that rives our people. A simple but relevant example:

A small company has been forced to downscale as well as reduce individual salaries. As we are coming up to the Christmas season the company has started planning its annual Christmas lunch for the staff. The staff would rather be given vouchers which they could spend on their families to help make up for the loss of income that they have experienced. They are too fearful to raise this with management.

This is a small matter which could be easily resolved if the company was in touch with the needs of its people. The playing fields have changed, management needs to understand what the drivers are that motivate staff. People need more reassurance than before, they need new motivators, duvet days don’t put bread on the table.

  • Do you know what’s going on with your staff, how their needs, hopes and aspirations have changed in the last two years?
  • Are you confused why a duvet day or a Christmas lunch hasn’t done anything to improve morale or productivity?

Give us a call, contact us via our website – we can help you understand and improve the relationships with your staff and assist with improving their wellbeing and in turn their productivity for the company.