In this transforming world, virtual platforms have become the norm.

Many people are asking the question,

“How do I lead effectively in the virtual world?”

Here are some key tips:

  • Leaders and members need to spend a lot of time on relationship building
  • The higher the level of trust, the more open people will feel which in turn will have a positive impact on performance
  • Trust consists of interpersonal and task-based trust elements
  • Task based trust takes longer to build
  • Trust is necessary for a constructive atmosphere and for team members to feel at ease in expressing their opinions and relying on team members to complete tasks
  • Building and maintaining trust among the virtual team is critical to creating a productive environment.
  • Leaders need to be more mindful of their own perception and also the situation of others in the virtual space
  • Virtual teams tend to drive straight into the task elements especially at the early forming stages,
  • Research shows that teams which focus more attention on relationships tend to avoid conflict later on and overall have higher levels of performance
  • Lastly, the communication platform should be appropriate for the situation and leaders should not focus/rely on 1 form of communication only e.g. monthly one on one Face to face meetings for added relationship building.

Important to note:

  • To be able to work remotely requires people who are more self-motivated and independent
  • Self-management skills (good time management, good energy management)
  • Above-average self-motivation
  • Very strong oral and written communication skills
  • Naturally proactive

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