Less than 30% of virtual teams are seen to be effective and successful. (Caulat, 2006)

This can be improved according to Cune and Fogelberg (2011)  by:

Focus on building trust:

Trust is the glue that keeps it all together, and technology is the lubricant that keeps everything spinning. (Clemons &Kroth, 2011)

Developing the team

Start the norming process early on: How do we communicate and collaborate? What tools and in what frequency? What processes do we use, how do we run meetings? How is conflict resolved?

  • Make everyone feel included and welcome. It is easy to feel isolated when the rest of the team is far away.
  • Acknowledge and manage team members’ loyalty to their other teams. Team members’ attention is easily diverted to co-located projects.
  • Constantly communicate with the team members, using a variety of ways. For example, leaving the chat or instant messaging function open all day for on the spur, informal communication.