Enabling and Empowering Sustainable NGOs.

Announcing ANOTHER strategic partnership – Luigi Morrico & Your Boardroom


The Purpose of these workshops are to create an understating and basic knowledge of marketing to allow an NGO to become self-sufficient and self-sustainable.

This level of sustainability will ultimately relieve Governments of some of the pressure from the NDG’s funding.

The idea is to create enough skills so that the NGO itself will be able to share this knowledge within their own communities, identifying possible sponsors or organizations which will mutually benefit from the partnerships.

Broad approach and implementation
Webinar lectures, Face to face, on site, hands-on approach (Covid permitting)
Online interaction:
After each Webinar lecture and workshop we’ll answer Questions, clarifications and explanations to
secure workshop success
Zoom calls Webinars to follow up on sessions, reviews, Q&A on a weekly basis
Contact visits:
10 to 16 Workshop sessions to ensure complete understanding
Number of attendees per session:
Workshops onsite or online (Cameras on) Minimum 10 – 18

If you are interested in this, contact us URGENTLY at info@yourboardroom.co.za or visit our website to arrange a meeting virtually through our boardroom, or to make an enquiry