Wellness and Mind Alignment

Wellness can no longer be seen as an employee benefit, or as a cost-saving measure. A more expansive vision of wellness-one that involves caring for and investing in your employees on a holistic level – must be a core element of organizational culture. Healthy companies will attract and retain top talent and get the most of their employees. They will outperform and outlive the competition.

Wellness, or lack thereof, directly translates into performance and the bottom line, strategic & operational objectives; as well as impacting on service delivery to your stakeholders – and especially to your Customers.

Your Boardroom is partnering with experts such as Diane Pullen CPTF, CHT (nm) from Mind Align Management to ensure that clients are offered a COMPREHENSIVE solution and customised programmes, to Wellness Issues in the workplace at every level.

Diane is also certified as a Hypnotherapist through the South African Institute of Hypnotism, specialising in:


as well as holding an international certification in Parts Therapy through the Tebbits Foundation in the USA, signed by Roy Hunter who is the foremost authority on Parts Therapy in the world.

With our Strategic Partners such as Di, we, at Your Boardroom – build customised and specific interventions & programmes; working together with you (the Client); in helping high performance individuals; and others, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and naturally assisting them to holistically align their lives to feel calm and confident in order to achieve balance and success without experiencing burnout.

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